Simple Signs She is the One Part 2

Simple Signs She is the One Part 2

How can you know for certain that the girl you’re dating is right for you? Here are a few signs she is the one:

She’s always on your mind — Guys tend to go through a stage of infatuation fairly early on in the relationship, but if that infatuation continues, it’s a pretty good indication that there’s more than just attraction. If you’re always thinking, “She would love this place, activity, pastime, etc.”, you’ve got love on the brain!

You feel the urge for more — You’ve tried to run from love in the past, but you just can’t run any longer! You feel the need to be with her, even if it means the dreaded L-word. You can’t imagine your life without her, so you want to take things to the next level. Women are usually the ones talking about “the next level”, but the fact that you’re thinking about it is a pretty good sign of what’s going on.

You want her to be happy — Even if it means you don’t get to do that thing you really wanted to! If you are willing to kiss your favorite foods, pastimes, activities, and hobbies goodbye for her, it’s a pretty good sign that you really do care. It may be a rude wake-up, but it’s a good indicator of how you feel.

No one else can compare — Sure, the girl at the bakery or Nancy from the office is smoking hot, but who cares? You have the most beautiful woman in the world! Even if you know your girl isn’t a solid 10, she has a smile, a laugh, or something about her that makes her perfect for you. No one else will ever compare to her!

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