Simple Romantic Gestures She Will Love Part 2

Simple Romantic Gestures She Will Love Part 2

A few romantic gestures here and there are guaranteed to earn you major brownie points with the missus!

Here are a few worth trying:

  • Do a sexy dance — Most people believe it’s the woman who does the sexy dances, but why not give it a go yourself? It can’t hurt to try, and you’ll both end up laughing. That laughter is going to flood your body with feel-good chemicals that will enhance your sexy times.
  • Get back in bed –– If you’re the first one out the door in the morning, spend a few extra minutes in bed with her or slip back in bed before you’re gone. It will be a special gesture that she can’t help but love.
  • Help her with her beauty routine –– Women can spend hours making themselves look beautiful, time you won’t be able to spend with her unless you help her out. Brush her hair (a time-consuming task for anyone) or hold her jewelry as she tries it on. It’s not something you have to do all the time, but doing it occasionally is a good way to spend a bit more time with her.
  • Run around naked –– If you want to get your partner in the mood, it’s time to get out your birthday suit! When you step out of the shower, don’t bother getting dressed. Slip into bed with her naked, or come down the stairs in the buff. Who knows what it could lead to?
  • Bring home dessert –– You know that your partner loves a certain treat or sweet, so why not bring it home to her? It’s guaranteed to put a smile on her face, and it’s a romantic gesture that’s sure to score you bonus points.

In Part 3, we’ve got a few more romantic gestures to show her how much you care…

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