Simple Lessons From “Men are from Mars Women are From Venus” Part 2

Simple Lessons From “Men are from Mars Women are From Venus” Part 2

For one of the best books on romance, look no further than “Men are from Mars Women are from Venus”. It’s a pure romance and relationship book that will help you to improve your life with that special someone.

Here are a few more lessons you can learn from it:

  1. Men tend to be much more literal, direct, and organized when talking, while women like to organize their thoughts AS they talk. It can make for some difficult misunderstandings, until both parties realize that the way they talk is very different from the way their partner talks.
  2. A troubled man wants to be told that he can solve the problem, while a troubled woman wants to hear that her man is concerned about her. Men want to be reassured that they have the abilities to solve the problems, while women want to be reassured that they are being listened to.
  3. Men need to be left alone from time to time, and women shouldn’t see it as a bad thing. Men often need to retreat to a place where they feel safe, and just be left alone for a while. They will come out once they have handled the problem internally.
  4. Men need to realize that women are much more like waves, with lots of highs and lows. From extreme happiness to periods of depression, women’s emotions tend to fluctuate much more than men’s.
  5. Men feel the love if their efforts are appreciated, while women feel the love based on what the man gives them. Men will give until they are pleased with what they have done, but women will usually give unconditionally, hoping that the man will return the gesture.

Learned a few things? It may be worth reading “Men are from Mars Women are from Venus” to see what else you can learn!

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