Simple Lessons from Couples Therapy Part 2

Simple Lessons from Couples Therapy Part 2

You don’t have to go to couples therapy to save your marriage, but it can sure teach you a few things!

Here are some lessons that you can learn to help improve your relationship:

  • Solve problems together — If a problem arises, don’t leave it all in one partner’s hands to deal with. Instead, work on solving the problem together. Whether it’s financial, related to your children, or a work problem, deal with it as a couple. Even if it’s just a simple home improvement, work on and solve it together. It will be a bonding experience that will pay off!
  • Be honest about sex –– Sex is a topic many people have a hard time discussing, but if you can’t talk about it, what makes you think you can enjoy it properly? Talk about the things that help you feel sexy or put you in the mood, or what makes you want to have more sex with your partner? Be honest and open about your desires, and it will be much easier for your partner to meet your needs/wants for sex. Neither of you is entitled to sex, but it’s something you should look forward to and enjoy.
  • Eliminate shame or guilt –– Both shame and guilt can stop you from living life to the fullest and enjoying your partner. Most of us have some sort of shame or guilt from our earlier years of childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood. But if you carry those things with you into your marriage, they can turn toxic and ruin everything. Find a way to move past the shame or guilt, or, better year, heal it. It will help you have a much better marriage in the long run!

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