Silly Lies Told While Sexting Part 2

Silly Lies Told While Sexting Part 2

If you’re sexting with your boyfriend/girlfriend or that random hookup you met online, be prepared for a few silly little lies!

Here are a few of the most common sexting lies:

  1. “What do you think of my NEW selfie?” — This usually precedes the sending of a nude/sexy selfie, but do you really think they JUST snapped it? They’ve probably saved up a few for just such an occasion.
  2. “Thinking of you is making me so hot” –– While not always a lie, you can’t imagine that you are the most arousing thing in their life. They may be thinking of ScarJo or their favorite porn star, or visions of Chris Hemsworth or George Clooney are dancing in their vision. Heck, they may even be watching porn in the background!
  3. “It’s such a beautiful penis” –– Dick pics are common among sexters, but you need to face reality: penises really aren’t all that beautiful. There are few angles that flatter both your body and your schlong, so if she says this one, she’s trying to be nice.
  4. “I’m home alone and wish you could come over” –– She is probably neither alone nor wishing you could come over, but it’s an easy “out” to make him think that she wants him. Chances are, her girlfriends are in the same room, but at least she’s texting you with others around, right?
  5. “You’re making me so wet” –– There are some women that can get aroused while sexting, but don’t take it for granted that your sexting partner is one of them. It’s very likely that she is fairly dry down there, and if there is any sort of rubbing going on, it’s going to be with the help of some lubricant.
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