Silly Lies Told While Sexting Part 1

Silly Lies Told While Sexting Part 1

Sexting can be a lot of fun, and a great way to make things a bit naughty when you’re apart!

But are you being truthful when you sext? Here are a few silly lies that most of us tell while sexting:

  1. “I’m totally naked” — This one usually follows on the heels of “What are you wearing?”, but sadly it’s usually a bald-faced lie. There are very few times that we walk around the house, sit on the couch, or lie in bed stark naked, so the chances of their being naked at the precise time you text them are slim.
  2. “I’ve got on that (item of lingerie) you gave me” — This is one you’ll often read when the person is at work, at the gym, or anywhere but home. Everyone wants to picture their sexting partner wearing something sexy, but it’s a pretty good chance that they are wearing a very simple outfit with none of the lace and frills they are describing.
  3. “I’m so horny right now” — This one isn’t always a lie, but you can bet that it’s untrue at least 50% of the time. There’s a good chance they would rather be doing something else at that moment, but they do want to spend time with you. They may get in the mood, but definitely not AT THE MOMENT you text them.
  4. “I’ll do anything you want” –– This is usually followed by a steamy description of a sex move that you find arousing. This is a simple go-to sext because it’s highly unlikely that they will ever actually have to perform that sex act. They’re banking on your forgetting it completely if and when you see each other next!

Read Part 2 for more lies people tell each other while sexting…

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