Signs Your Boyfriend is Insecure Part 2

Signs Your Boyfriend is Insecure Part 2

Insecurity can place a serious strain on any relationship, regardless of who is the insecure one! Here are a few signs your boyfriend is insecure:

He demands validation — We all need a certain amount of validation to remind us that we’re valuable to and loved by someone. But if your man is always fishing for compliments or asking things like “Do you love me?”, it’s a sign he’s suffering from low-self esteem.

He brings up the breakup — Every couple experiences drama, but how much drama do you have to deal with? If your man is regularly threatening to break up with you, it’s a pretty bad sign! He’s only doing it so you’ll beg him to stay, or tell him that you want to stay with him. It’s just a way to validate his ego, and it’s a way to get attention.

He’s your most avid follower on social media — He’ll be the first one to “Like” your photo, post, or Tweet, and he’s commenting on everything you post. He will keep tabs on you via your social media. Not a good sign!

You are his emotional compass — Guys who are sensitive are wonderful; overly sensitive, and it becomes a chore! A mature man will understand and have compassion when you’re having a bad day, but an insecure man will have a meltdown if your bad day stops you from giving him the validation and attention he craves. He’ll be happy when you’re in a good mood, and he’ll get depressed or moody when you’re angry, sad, or stressed. This emotional co-dependence is NOT healthy!

If you notice any of these signs, it may be time to evaluate your relationship. An insecure partner (male or female) may not be the healthiest for you!

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