Signs Your Boyfriend is Insecure Part 1

Signs Your Boyfriend is Insecure Part 1

Guys wrestle with insecurity just as much as women do–they just try harder to hide it! Here are a few signs your boyfriend is insecure:

He’s threatened by your ex — Not physically, but romantically. He’s never truly sure that your feelings for your ex are done and gone, so he’ll always perceive your ex as a threat. Logic be damned!

You’re his only friend — While this may seem wonderful at first (after all, who doesn’t want to be showered with attention?), it can get old pretty quick. An insecure man will throw all of his energy into his relationship out of fear that he’ll lose it. If your boyfriend has no other friends, hobbies, or passions, it’s a pretty good sign of insecurity.

You are the center of his world — If everything he does revolves around you, being with you, staying in touch with you, and making you happy, it’s a sign he’s not as secure as he’d like you to believe. It can put a lot of pressure on you, and can lead to some serious bumps in the relationship down the line.

He drops the L-bomb too quickly — The average relationship proceeds at a certain pace, and it should take time for him to say the three big words: “I love you”. If he drops the L-bomb on you too early, it may be a sign he’s trying to “rope you in” before you realize that there’s something better out there (his thoughts, not yours!).

He doesn’t like your friends — And it will have nothing to do with personality! Instead, it will be about the time your friends take up, time he wants you to spend reassuring him that you’re still together and you still care about him. Insecurity alert!

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