Signs You Should Break Up Part 2

Signs You Should Break Up Part 2

Just because there’s a spark of romance at one point in your lives, that doesn’t mean the two of you belong together forever! Here are some signs that you may be better off after you break up with your current girlfriend:

  • She’s crazy jealous — There’s jealous, and then there’s over the top crazy jealous. A certain amount of possessiveness or jealousy that is expected from both men and women. It helps you to set boundaries and keeps things on track. But if the jealousy reaches a degree of crazy that just isn’t right, it’s time to end things while you still can.
  • She tests you –– Women love to play mind games with their men, but how far are you going to allow those things to go? There are only so many tests that you can “fail” before you realize that she’s never fully going to trust you. That’s when it’s time to end things.
  • She invades your privacy –– If you love her, you won’t cheat on her or spend time texting/emailing other people. If she really loves you, she’ll trust you not to do those things. But some women feel the need to “hack” their boyfriend’s/husband’s email accounts or phone passwords and read every message. Unless you have given her a reason to distrust you, it’s a sign that she’s just a mistrustful person.
  • She has side men –– When in the early stages of dating/in a relationship, you may not have yet stated that you want to be exclusive. But if there are other guys in the picture, it could be a sign that she’s not ready to commit to you. If those men remain even after you have formalized your exclusivity, it’s definitely time to break up. It doesn’t matter if she insists that they’re “just friends”–no man brings flowers or pays for dinner if they’re just friends!
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