Signs You Should Break Up Part 1

Signs You Should Break Up Part 1

Not everyone who gets together is meant to be together! Here are a few signs that you might need to break up with her sooner rather than later:

  • She’s abusive — Physically, verbally, or emotionally, it doesn’t matter! Women can get rude or event violent when they feel like you need to be put in your place, but if that abuse goes beyond the occasional argument, that’s what you can expect from her. Definitely not a good thing!
  • She’s afraid of the future — Does she get nervous when you mention that you’re her “boyfriend”? Does she duck any questions about your future plans together? Either she’s terrified of what’s coming, she doesn’t feel ready to make commitments, or she’s planning on breaking up with you. None of them are good options.
  • She’s annoying — Everyone can be annoying when you spend a lot of time around them, but how bad is it? You may be excited when she comes to visit, but if you are relieved to see her go at the end of her stay, it’s a sign that you should break up.
  • Her foibles get to you — Everyone has those little quirks and inanities that are hard to ignore, such as a crazy laugh, a word they cannot stop saying, or the way they cut their food. But how bad are those foibles? Are they something that annoy you more often than not, or are they easy to overlook? If you find yourself getting highly annoyed by the things she does, it’s a sign that she’s just not right. If she was, you would have an easier time overlooking all those annoying little things.

Read Part 2 for more signs that it’s time for the two of you to break up…



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