Signs You Need to Break Up Part 5

Signs You Need to Break Up Part 5

Is there a way to know when your relationship has reached its natural end? Here are a few signs you need to break up with your partner:

  • Your relationship is “better than nothing” — If you start to think that way, your relationship could very well be doomed from the start. People who think that way tend to have low self-esteem, or they attach their self-worth to their relationship status. They feel that NOT being in a relationship is worse than being in a terrible one, so they’ll stay in the relationship just to feel like they have value. If this is you, you NEED to break things off, for your own sake. You have to deal with that skewed perspective of yourself and your self-worth if you’re going to be any good for anyone.
  • The timing is wrong –– You want to start a family but he’s focused on his career? You want to invest in a home but she would rather spend time traveling the world? One of you wants to put down roots while the other is all about adventure and thrill? It’s normal for people to have misaligned priorities in life, and if you can’t reconcile your desires to each other’s, it’s not a bad thing to end the relationship.
  • You’re looking for a reason to break up — From the moment you entered the relationship, you were looking for that “deal breaker” that would give you an excuse to dump the other person the moment there was a possibility of your getting hurt. This is not a healthy attitude, and it can stop you from having a proper relationship. If you’re looking for a reason to break up, just do the right thing and END it so you both can move on with your lives.
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