Signs You Need to Break Up Part 4

Signs You Need to Break Up Part 4

How can you know when it’s time to “call time of death” on your relationship? Here are a few signs you need to break up–or at least consider it very seriously:

  • Their “negative” traits have worsened — We all have things about ourselves that we dislike, and that others dislike as well. For the sake of our relationships, we try to hide or control those negative traits. But what happens when your partner seems not to be making an effort to deal with their problems? The things that make them hard to love have grown out of control, to the point that they’re all you can see. When that happens, it’s time to consider that maybe your relationship is nearing its natural end.
  • There’s too much baggage –– Everyone carries around some emotional baggage; it’s just a part of life. But “too much” baggage can ruin a relationship, or choke it off before it’s had a chance to grow. If your partner hung up on their ex? Are they so scarred by past relationships that they can’t open up and talk to you about the things that really matter? There is such a thing as “too much” baggage!
  • You/they are overly jealous and suspicious — There is a certain amount of jealousy to be expected in a relationship. After all, you love that person fiercely, and you want to protect what you believe to be “yours”. But what happens when it goes overboard, to the point that you don’t trust the person completely when you’re not around them? When it gets to the point of suspicion and excessive jealousy, it’s a sign that either YOU or THEY are not ready for the relationship.

In Part 5, we’ve got a few more signs you need to break up…

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