Signs You Need to Break Up Part 2

Signs You Need to Break Up Part 2

How can you know when a relationship has run its course? Here are a few signs you need to break up–or at the very least consider a breakup:

  • You are on again, off again — Are you and your partner in a relationship with each other for the third or fourth time? You keep breaking up and getting back together for whatever reason, but that’s not a good thing! You broke up with each other for a very good reason the first time (and the second and third time), so why are you falling back into each other’s arms? On again, off again relationships are not healthy, so it’s best to avoid them.
  • Sex is the only thing holding your relationship together –– Sex is a very important part of life, and an important part of any healthy relationship. But if sex is ALL you have, it’s not enough. You need more than just amazing sex to stay together. There has to be a deeper connection between the two of you, something that holds you together even when you go through “rough patches”. If the relationship isn’t going to go deeper than just mind-blowing sex, it’s never going to last through the inevitable hard times.
  • There is no sex in your relationship –– As mentioned above, sex is a VERY important part of a healthy relationship. If the sex has gone from your relationship, it’s usually a sign that there is a problem. You may both be very busy, but you still need to make it a point to help the other person feel wanted and desired. Sex is a very good way to do that, and it helps to bond you as a couple. If your sex life has tapered off and you see no way to bring it back to life, it may be a sign…

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