Signs You Need to Break Up Part 1

Signs You Need to Break Up Part 1

No relationship is ever easy, but there comes a certain point when you’re just going through the motions or clinging to the relationship for all the wrong reasons. Here are a few signs you need to break up sooner rather than later:

  • You find other ways to spend your time — Instead of looking for ways that you can spend more time with your partner, you spend most of your time doing things that help you AVOID him or her. Whether you go out with your friends, spend more time at work, or watch more movies or TV than normal, all of these things are indications that you’re not enjoying your partner as much as you once did. Perhaps it’s a sign something is wrong…
  • Their little quirks and foibles drive you mad –– Everyone has annoying little habits that their partner has to learn to live with. It’s just the way of life! But if their little quirks or idiosyncrasies are more annoying than ever–to the point that you’re snapping and angry about every little thing–it may be a sign of a deeper-rooted problem. When you love your partner, it’s easier to put up with their little annoying habits. When the love fades or dies, it becomes much harder!
  • You’re stagnating –– You feel like you’re staying in the same spot, with neither of you making progress to try and move the relationship forward. Whether or not this is actually the case, the feeling can be strong enough that you get frustrated, bored, or impatient. You may have your part to play in all of it, but any relationship that feels stagnant is much more likely to suffer and wither.

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