Signs You Are Really and Truly in Love with Her Part 5

Signs You Are Really and Truly in Love with Her Part 5

How can you know if you’re truly in love with her? How can you tell love apart from desire, passion, or attraction? It’s not always easy, but here are a few signs that could help you figure it out:

You think about a future together — The average man tends to be very focused on the “now”, the present, without giving much thought for the future. While this isn’t a bad thing, it’s a good way to know if you’re in love or not. After all, if you find yourself thinking more about the future, it could be a good indication that you really do care.

Thoughts of a future together don’t scare you, but you actually enjoy thinking about living with her, starting a life together, having a family, setting goals, and growing old together. If this is you, it’s definitely a sign that your “like” is turning to “love”.

You make small compromises for her — Everyone knows that a relationship is built on compromise, but how much compromising are you doing for her? Are you giving up your routines, schedules, hobbies, and habitual activities to make her happy? You refused to make those compromises in the past, but now they don’t seem like such a big deal when you realize that you are making them for HER.

You’re not compromising because she asked you to stop doing what you’re doing or make changes for her. No, you’re compromising because you’d rather be with her than play video games with your buddies, or you’d rather spend an evening at home instead of going out partying. If this is you, it’s definitely a sign that you may be truly in love with her!

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