Signs You Are Really and Truly in Love with Her Part 4

Signs You Are Really and Truly in Love with Her Part 4

Love is a sneaky, mysterious thing! It will creep up on you and hit you over the head before you even know it’s there. You may not realize the moment you fall in love, and by the time you do, it’s too late–you’re smitten!

Here are some signs to tell you that you are truly in love with her:

You start to care about the things that matter to her — Cleaning up the environment? Suddenly, because of her interest, you find yourself caring about our planet, recycling, and going green. Getting in shape? You’ve signed up for a membership at a nearby gym and have actually been working out for a few weeks!

We all tend to mirror those closest to us, and your mirroring her is a sign that you’re really falling for her. After all, you wouldn’t make such profound changes to your habits, routines, and lifestyles unless it was important!

You do little things “just because” — You may not have been this kind of guy before, but all of a sudden you’re bringing her home little surprises and treats “just because”. This is the kind of thing that matters to a woman (and to men, too), and it will definitely get you on her good side. But you’re not doing it because of how it will benefit you–you’re doing it because you want to see her happy.

When you start doing these little things just because it makes her smile, it’s a good sign that your desire and passion has deepened into something more. Perhaps there is more l-o-v-e than you realize…

In Part 5, we’ve got a couple more signs you’re truly in love with her…

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