Signs You Are Really and Truly in Love with Her Part 2

Signs You Are Really and Truly in Love with Her Part 2

It’s hard to know if you are REALLY and truly in love with her, or if it’s just an infatuation or strong desire. How can you know when it has reached the “love” stage? Here are a few signs to help you out:

You find excuses to talk to her — Do you really need to text her for the 15th time today on some minor pretense? Probably not, but you don’t care! You just want to stay in contact with her, no matter how flimsy the excuse may seem. Chances are, she probably doesn’t care either–she’s just glad you’re texting, emailing, calling, Skyping, or visiting her.

If you are always finding excuses to stay in touch, it’s a good sign there’s something more than just passion between you. Communication is the key to any good relationship, and building up your communication is a good way to realize that you care about this person more than you might have realized.

You see her everywhere — Well, not HER, but things that remind you of her. A beautiful woman walks by, and all you see is a hairstyle your girl may like or a pretty dress that would look wonderful on her. You walk into any restaurant, and the smell of food reminds you of “that one time you…”

The human brain is a tricksy thing, and it loves to find ways to remind you of your special someone at any and all times of the day. If you’re seeing her everywhere you go and everything reminds you of her, it’s your brain’s way of telling you that you’re falling for her.

In Part 3, we’ve got a few more signs to help you know if you are truly in love with her…

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