Signs You Are Ready for a Relationship Part 4

Signs You Are Ready for a Relationship Part 4

Wondering if you’re in the right place to be in a steady relationship with that special guy or gal in your life? Surprisingly, not everyone is!

Check out these signs you are ready for a relationship:

You understand why you are upset — Are you angry “just because”, or do you understand what’s causing you to get angry? An emotionally immature person will get angry without understanding what the root of their anger is. They’ll unleash their frustration on their partner or spouse, but they’ll never drill down and try to find out what’s really going on.

An emotionally intelligent person, on the other hand, knows how to put aside their anger long enough to look inward and find the root of the problem. They can hold their tongue and not lash out while they do this inner search, and they can present the real cause of the problem to their partner once they understand it better. That is a key to a happy relationship!

You’re willing to deal with difficult topics — There are certain “hot topics” that we all have a hard time discussing. How do you react when your partner tries to talk about those things? Do you get frustrated, angry, or cut them off because it’s sensitive, or are you willing to deal?

An emotionally mature person will be willing to talk about the hot button issues, no matter how uncomfortable it makes them. Those issues are usually the most important, and they’re always the hardest to talk about. If you can realize that you need to deal with the problems and actually do it, you’ll be in a much better place for a healthy relationship!

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