Signs You Are Ready for a Relationship Part 3

Signs You Are Ready for a Relationship Part 3

Not sure if you are ready for a committed, long-term relationship with that special man or woman in your life? Here are a few signs you ARE ready for a relationship:

You understand that your flaws can be changed — We all have natural and instinctive reactions to certain situations. This is the result of all of your experiences, which have taught you to react a certain way. Some people don’t even bother trying to change their natural reactions, even when they’re wrong. They simply claim that they are “hard-wired that way”, so take it or leave it.

A mature, emotionally healthy person understands that everything can be changed, and they are willing to make the effort if it will keep the relationship healthy. They have flaws, no doubt about it, but they know that they can improve their behavior and change their natural reactions to things. That is a good sign for your relationship readiness!

You don’t automatically go on the defensive — What do you do when you see that someone is angry? Do you automatically assume that they are angry at you and get defensive? Or, do you try to find out what is making them angry–whether it is you or something else in their life–and try to help them find a solution to their problem?

People who are emotionally immature will get defensive, often lashing out and attacking back even when the person wasn’t angry at them. Emotionally mature people will stay calm, approach the problem logically, and keep emotions out of the situation as much as possible. Their way of dealing with anger is to find the root of the problem and see what can be done to deal with it.

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