Signs You Are Ready for a Relationship Part 1

Signs You Are Ready for a Relationship Part 1

Despite what you may think, not everyone is ready to be in a full-time, committed relationship. Some people have immature attitudes towards sex, while others just aren’t in the right place in their lives to be with someone else.

However, here are a few signs you ARE ready for a relationship:

You can control your emotions — This may sound like easier said than done, but it’s a sign that you are emotionally intelligent and mature person. People you cannot control their emotions are quick to anger, wrestle with irrational jealousy, and throw temper tantrums when they feel like they aren’t getting what they want. If this is you, you’re not ready for a relationship!

However, if you are in control of your emotions, if you can stay logical and calm in emotionally charged situations, and you can work to find a solution, you are ready to join your life to someone else’s. Your control of your emotions will make it possible for you to get through the problems that are bound to arise.

You avoid drama — Many people crave drama, as it makes them feel alive, gets them the attention they want, allows them to manipulate others, and so on. But emotionally mature people don’t get involved in drama–there is enough challenge in their own life. They stay out of gossip at work or school, they try to avoid talking negatively about others, and they find friends who limit the drama as much as possible. People who avoid drama are searching for ways to avoid the emotional drains that could affect other areas of their life.


Read Part 2 for more signs you are ready for a relationship–but the good, healthy kind!

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