Signs You Are Dating the Wrong Person Part 3

Signs You Are Dating the Wrong Person Part 3

Dating isn’t as easy as it looks! Keep an eye out for these signs to tell if you’re dating the wrong person:

  • They never truly apologize. “I’m sorry, but…” is never a sign that they are actually sorry. Part of being in a mature relationship is knowing when to say that you are wrong and being willing to admit it OUT LOUD to the other person. But if your partner can never properly admit that they were wrong or are sorry, it’s not a good sign for the relationship.
  • They’re suspicious. You may have never given them anything to be suspicious of, but that doesn’t stop them. Sadly, they are usually projecting their behavior on you, meaning that they are doing or have done things that you wouldn’t approve of.
  • They never treat you as “good enough”. No matter what you do nor how hard you try to live up to their expectations, it’s never enough. It is good to have someone who will hold you to a higher standard, but how high is too high? If you feel that you always have to prove yourself to them–and, worse still, feel like you’re failing every time you try–it’s going to make the relationship VERY difficult and not the slightest bit productive.
  • They don’t make you feel good. It may sound silly, but it’s important to feel good about yourself and the things you can do. If the person is always tearing you down with cutting and sarcastic comments, you may start to believe that those comments are actually true. If you never really feel happy with them in your life, it’s time to cut them loose and find someone who actually does bring a smile to your face!
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