Signs You Are Dating the Wrong Person Part 2

Signs You Are Dating the Wrong Person Part 2

Want to know if you are dating the wrong person or not? Here are a few signs to watch out for:

  • They focus ENTIRELY on your relationship. This may sound like a good thing, but it’s not! That laser focus means that they have nothing else in life, no goals, dreams, or aspirations. Can you really be with someone who isn’t going to make progress in their lives? They define themselves according to who they are with rather than what they do.
  • They can’t take responsibility for their own emotions. Yes, you may do things that annoy and frustrate them, but how much of that is your fault? If your partner cannot take responsibility for their own emotions, they’re going to get angrier and angrier over time. It will always be “your fault”. This is the kind of person most likely to begin physically abusing you.
  • They have little respect for your time. They need something and they need it NOW, regardless of what you’re doing at the time. A solid partner is there when you need them, but isn’t going to demand everything of you at the exact moment they want it.
  • They have little respect for your goals. Everyone has things they want to accomplish in life, including you. But what does your partner think of your goals? Do they approve of what you are trying to achieve, or are they looking for ways to dissuade you from making the effort? If you find yourself avoiding telling them what you want simply because you don’t want to have to argue about it, it may be a sign that you’re dating the wrong person!

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