Signs You Are Dating the Wrong Person Part 1

Signs You Are Dating the Wrong Person Part 1

Can you ever really be certain you’re dating the right person? Perhaps not, but you can certainly watch for the signs telling you that you’re dating the WRONG person!

Here are a few signs to keep an eye out for:

  • They love to hear the sound of their own voice.  There are people who can talk for hours and tell you that they feel “close to you”, but when you try to put in a word about the way you feel, they tell you that you’re “making it all about you”. If the man or woman you’re with is all about “them”,  they’re probably not right for you.
  • They find a way to twist anything you say. It’s easy for couples to find fault with what the other person is saying, but how much of what you are saying is actually getting through to them? An argument can only be productive when you do it right, and someone who twists everything you say to make it negative is NOT going to be a productive person.
  • They diss your family. You are allowed to hate on your family as much as you want, but they have no excuse to say anything negative. It’s even worse if they disrespect your family to your face or behind your back!
  • They treat you like a possession rather than a partner. A certain amount of possessiveness and jealousy is a good thing, but there is a line! If they treat you as something that benefits them rather than someone that they want to be with, it’s a good indication that they’re in the relationship for all the wrong reasons. Time to get out.

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