Signs He is the Man for You Part 1

Signs He is the Man for You Part 1

How can you know that he is the man for you? It’s a tough ask, but here are a few signs that he really may be “Mr. Right”:

  • He makes you feel comfortable — It’s not something he does or says per se, but it’s that feeling you get when you’re around him. You feel that it’s okay to be vulnerable or open up, and that when you do, he won’t judge you or look at you differently.
  • He goes out of his way to do nice things — A man who does little things to make you happy is one who will not hesitate to make big, romantic gestures later on in life (pop the question, want to have kids, buy a house together, plan a surprise vacation, etc.). If you find a man who does these little nice things, he’s one to hang on to!
  • He doesn’t leave during the hard times –– All couples face hard times, it’s just a fact of life. Love doesn’t erase all the problems in life, but in many cases it actually makes them bigger and harder to deal with. But a man who has stuck with you through all of your fights and arguments without showing any inclination to leave, that is a man you want to be by your side for all the crap life is going to throw at you.
  • He is the one in your visions of the future –– Most people think about their future from time to time. When you think of yours, do you see him there with you? If so, it’s a good sign, one that indicates he may very well be the right man for you!

Find out more signs that he is the man for you in Part 2…

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