Signs He is an Insecure Man Part 5

Signs He is an Insecure Man Part 5

Dealing with an insecure man can be a lot of work–perhaps a bit too much! Sometimes, it’s good to know if your man is insecure so you can make the choice to get out of the co-dependent, unhealthy relationship.

Here are a few warning signs:

  • He accuses you of cheating — There is a certain amount of trust that develops between people who “go steady” for a while, but insecure men have a hard time trusting. If he randomly accuses you of cheating, it’s a sign that his insecurity has bred suspicion in him. He may accuse you of looking for someone “better”, and that’s very telling! It shows that he has such a low opinion of himself that he’s counting down the days until you find someone more “right” than him.
  • He can’t handle criticism –– Men have prickly egos, make no mistake! But they should all be strong enough to handle at least a little criticism. They need to understand when they’re doing something wrong, and you’re the one to tell him–albeit nicely. If he can’t handle even the slightest criticism, it’s a sign that his ego is so fragile that anything will shatter it. Definitely not the strong, confident man you want to be dating.
  • He NEEDS to be with you — When his attentiveness passes beyond the “nice”, it may turn to “clingy”. With an insecure man, he feels the need to be with you at all times of day or night. If he’s not physically with you, he sends emails and text messages to “stay in touch”–really just a way of reassuring himself that you’re not leaving him. It eventually turns into guilt-tripping, which can make the relationship exhausting for you. Time to get out!
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