Signs He is an Insecure Man Part 3

Signs He is an Insecure Man Part 3

Dating an insecure man can be a pain in the neck! Insecure men can’t be happy with who they are, so they demand/look for validation from you–which can get pretty tiring after a while!

Here are a few signs your man is insecure:

  • He fishes for compliments — Everyone needs to feel loved and appreciated, and compliments can definitely help him to feel your love for him. But if he is constantly fishing for more and more compliments or complaining because you never say nice things to him, it’s a pretty clear sign of his insecurity. He’ll often put himself down, all so you can say, “No, you’re good.” It’s manipulation, and not an element of a healthy relationship.
  • He can’t take compliments — After he fishes for a compliment or tries to trick you into saying nice things, he has a hard time accepting them. He may shrug them off, or perhaps even go as far as saying things like, “You’re just saying that to make me feel better.” Really, what he wants is for you to continue to pile on the compliments. It’s a way to deal with his low self-esteem, but the truth is that your compliments will never be enough.
  • He talks about the “suffering” in his romantic past –– When he talks about his exes and all the horrible things they did to him, he wants you to feel sympathy for him. By putting himself in the place of the “victim” in the relationship, he hopes that you will feel bad for him and do things to try to “make up for it”. It’s a form of guilt trip that insecure people use to keep you in the relationship long past its expiration date.

Read Part 4 for a few more signs that you’re in a relationship with an insecure man…

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