Signs He is an Insecure Man Part 2

Signs He is an Insecure Man Part 2

It’s wonderful to feel like you’re the most important person in your man’s life, but when does it get to be too much? Here are a few signs that you’re dating an insecure man:

  • You are the center of his world — If EVERYTHING he does HAS to include you, it can get to be a bit cloying after a while. It may be flattering to hear and feel like you’re the center of his world at first, but eventually things can get pretty rocky once you start setting boundaries. If he isn’t willing to separate a bit more and give you your space, it’s a pretty good indication of what you need to do before the relationship gets out of control.
  • He dares you to break up with him — When you get into an argument, he may say things like “Well, if you’re not happy, what are you doing here?” It’s like he’s daring you to break things up. When you say you don’t want to break up, it caters to his need to feel validation from someone else. He may also go the route of “You don’t love me”, forcing you to comfort him. His ego is very fragile thanks to his insecurity, so your constant reassurance of your love for him is the only think keeping it whole. The relationship may eventually become unhealthy, all because you’re not willing to hurt him.
  • He threatens to break up with you –– This is a trick similar to the last one. He wants to see you “fight” for your relationship or even beg him to stay with you, as that will cater to his need for validation. It’s not a good sign when he does this!

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