Signs He is an Insecure Man Part 1

Signs He is an Insecure Man Part 1

It’s tough to be in a relationship with an insecure man! You never know what they’re going to do or how they’re going to react to small things.

Here are some signs that your man is a bit insecure:

  • He’s suspicious of you and your ex — If you’ve done something to give him a good reason to be, his suspicions may be justified. However, an insecure man will find something to be suspicious about, no matter how bitter the break-up or how long in the past it may be. He may not believe you when you say that you dislike, hate, or pity your ex, but he’ll convince himself that you still harbor some secret feelings.
  • You are his only friend and interest — It’s normal for men to drop their friend and hobbies when they find a new girlfriend and fall in love. Many guys like to throw themselves fully into the relationship. But if time has passed and he STILL doesn’t have friends or hobbies, it’s a sign that his world revolves around you. He needs you to feel like a complete person, and your absence makes him feel incomplete and insecure. Everything he does or wants to do has to involve you.
  • He professes his love (perhaps a bit too quickly) — It’s not uncommon for men to say those three big words (I love you) before women, but how long did he wait before saying it? Did he profess his feelings within a few weeks of your dating? There is a certain “normal” amount of time before he should share how he feels. If he falls in love (or claims he does) too quickly, it’s a pretty good sign that he is insecure and needs your love to validate his worth as a human being.

Read Part 2 for a few more signs of an insecure man…

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