Should You Be Keeping Secrets Part 2

Should You Be Keeping Secrets Part 2

Keeping secrets is NOT the wise choice for you, as they will tear you and your partner apart.

Here’s how:

  • You feel your dishonesty — Even if you try to hide the fact that you are keeping a secret and no one will ever find out, there is one person that always knows: you. When you keep a secret locked away in your heart and mind, it festers there. You can feel that breaking of your moral code, and it affects every other area of your life. When you are honest, it may hurt for a short time, but it always feels better in the long run.
  • It always hurts more in the long run — If you have been lying to or keeping secrets from your partner for a long time, when it finally comes out (which it always does), it will hurt them a lot more. You may think that keeping secrets in the short term is for their good, but in the end, they end up more hurt because of that secret you kept.
  • It’s harder to be honest –– Once you develop the habit of lying or hiding the truth, it becomes harder and harder to tell the truth. It’s so easy to lie or deceive, and eventually it turns into a habit that’s dangerously hard to break. You may even become pathological in your lies, all because you made the choice to keep a secret.
  • It leads to distance and separation –– When someone is keeping something from you, you can usually sense it. It’s a subconscious thing that you may not be able to fully explain, but it’s there in the back of your mind. It slowly eats at you and pulls you apart–the opposite of what you want to keep your relationship alive!

Read in Part 3 about how keeping secrets will ultimately tear you apart…

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