Why and How to Sext: The Pros

Why and How to Sext: The Pros

Wondering how to sext? Before you do, it’s worth considering if you even should in the first place!

Here are some of the pros of sexting:

  • It’s a whole lot of fun — Sexting is a great way to express yourself in a brand new way. You can use the written word to help someone else achieve arousal, and you may find that it can be highly arousing as well! If you don’t know how to sext, you’ll find plenty of sexting examples online!
  • It’s better than NO SEX AT ALL — If you are far apart from that special someone in your life, it may be hard to enjoy life without any kind of sex. Sexting is a fun way to interact with them in a sexual way, and it’s definitely better than not having sex.
  • It’s a good way to connect — For those who want to take their relationship to the next level with someone else, sexting can help to add the sexual element to your interactions. You may not be able to visit them at the moment, but you can get each other ready for the time that you will finally get to see them face to face.
  • It makes communication easier — Trust me, once you’ve shared your sexual fantasies and talked dirty with someone else, it’s very easy to share other personal details about yourself. Many people have trouble communicating in person or via the phone, but there’s something about texting that makes it easier.
  • It helps you to learn a bit more about the other person — As you talk dirty to each other, you discover what the other person likes. When you finally do have sex, you have a much clearer idea of how the other person likes to be pleasured!

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