Secrets You SHOULD Be Keeping Part 2

Secrets You SHOULD Be Keeping Part 2

Secrets aren’t always a bad thing! In fact, there are times that keeping secrets can do your marriage/relationship lots of good.

Here are a few of those times:

  • Who said “I love you” first — You may tell your girlfriends everything, but this is one of those things that you may want to keep to yourself. You and your man will choose when and where to say those three powerful little words to each other, and how it happens or in what order is nobody’s business but your own.
  • Sexy secrets — Everyone has a few naughty little secrets of things that happen in the bedroom (or bathroom, or car, or roof, or elevator, and so on). But how many of those things do you need to spread around to your friends? Maybe leave some of the sordid details of your sex life to yourself, and let it be one secret that ONLY you and your partner share.
  • Inside jokes — There’s a reason that they are called “inside” jokes and not “jokes for anyone”. They are something special that JUST the two of you share, and they are just one of the things that draw the two of you together. If you go around sharing those jokes with everyone, they lose that special meaning. It’s a joke to keep to yourself.
  • Past issues — How much do you know about your partner’s past? Have they told you about things that they are ashamed or embarrassed of, or things that they would rather be kept quiet? You don’t need to tell your entire family and group of friends about each other’s past, or at least not ALL of it. Keep those few little sordid details to yourself.

Keeping secrets–at the right time and the right kind–can definitely help to keep your marriage or relationship going!

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