Secrets You SHOULD Be Keeping Part 1

Secrets You SHOULD Be Keeping Part 1

They say that keeping secrets is a bad thing, but that’s not always the case!

Here are a few secrets you would do well to keep:

  • Thoughts/opinions about your partner’s privates — Not all penises and vaginas are made alike! Some of them are beautiful, but others aren’t quite as aesthetically pleasing. Do you think your partner needs to know that you think their private parts fall into the latter category? Absolutely not! It will give them something of an inferiority complex (especially for men), and it can totally ruin your sex life. Better keep this one to yourself.
  • Thoughts/feelings on your last fight — What was the last thing the two of you fought about? If you remember it with startling clarity, now is NOT the time to bring it up. In fact, it’s one of those secrets best kept to yourself and NEVER brought up again. If you bring up details from your last fight, it causes things to “snowball”–making the fight bigger with every new detail added. Before you know it, a fight that started out over whose turn it was to wash the dishes could end up becoming a huge fight about your relationship or marriage. Your last fight needs to stay dead and buried for your own good!
  • Times of emotional vulnerability — If your woman cries in front of you for something that makes her feel vulnerable, you DO NOT want to bring it up the next time you’re angry at her. If your man finally opens up and cries, it’s an occasion to cherish, not use as ammunition to make him feel bad. This is one of those secrets you should take with you to the grave!

Read Part 2 for more secrets that you’d do well to keep…

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