Saucy Ways to Spice Things Up Part 1

Saucy Ways to Spice Things Up Part 1

Don’t let your sex life grow boring or dull! Try these tips to spice things up and keep that romance alive:

  • Have sex every day. If you’re like the average couple, it can be hard to have sex every day of the week. Life, cares, worries, and responsibilities get in the way, and they can make it too hard to get in the mood every night. But for just one week, make it a point to have sex EVERY day, come hell or high water. By the end of that week, you’ll have revived a lot of those romantic feelings that are kindled with regular sex.
  • Learn new things — You may think that you’re good in bed, but do you really know EVERYTHING there is to know about sex? There is always something new that you can learn, so spend some time surfing the internet and researching new ways to bring pleasure to your partner. Then try them out and see if they work!
  • Get into dirty talk — You don’t have to talk like a pornstar to make things a bit naughtier, but you can stick with simple dirty talk and still spice things up. Even just saying what you like while you’re having sex can make it a whole lot sexier for your partner, not to mention making it easier for them to actually enjoy the sex because they know they’re doing it right.
  • Dress up — You may find dressing up a bit silly, but don’t write it off just yet. After a few experiments, you may actually come to enjoy putting on a costume and being someone else. It’s incredibly freeing, not to mention very sexy!

Read Part 2 for a few more epic tips to help you spice things up…

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