Rules for a Good Relationship Part 3

Rules for a Good Relationship Part 3

To have a good relationship, there are A LOT of rules–spoken and unspoken–you need to follow!

Here are a few rules for you:

Rule #7: Don’t “phone it in” with gifts. Your partner or new significant other may not be expecting big gifts from you, but it’s important that you find them a gift that matters. It’s not about purchasing a piece of jewelry or something big, but you want to find a gift that has significance or personal meaning to them. It can be something as simple as a homemade gift, time to themselves, or the promise of your paying for an outing with their friends. Make sure to invest time and thought into the gift, and it will pay off!

Rule #8: Keep up with date night. You may think that having the weekend to yourselves is good enough to keep the relationship alive, but that just isn’t enough. Especially during the beginning stages of any relationship, you need to spend more time with the other person. Even as the relationship ages and you move in together, make it a point to have at least one date night in the middle of the week. It will help you to connect with each other even when things are busy, keeping your priorities straight and reminding you what really matters most!

Rule #9: Don’t ask if you aren’t willing to give.  As your partner’s significant other, you are allowed to ask for different things: time, money, patience, love, special sexual favors, and the list goes on. But DON’T ask if you aren’t willing to give something back. Just like you hope they are willing to agree to what you are asking of them, you need to be prepared to acquiesce to their request as well!

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