Rules for a Good Relationship Part 2

Rules for a Good Relationship Part 2

Having a good relationship may not be as hard as you think, provided you follow a few rules:

Rule #4: Always acknowledge the milestones. No, a one-week or a one-month-iversary are not actually a thing, but there are important milestones you should acknowledge. At least get the six-month-iversary right, and definitely don’t forget when you reach a year of dating. Mark your anniversary down on your calendar and get it right every year! Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s/Father’s Day (if appropriate) are also important milestone days to remember!

Rule #5: Be consistent with your communication. You know how people always complain that you don’t “talk like you used to”? The truth is that all couples evolve and change over the course of a relationship, but the quality of your communication needs to stay consistent. If you don’t make it a point to communicate with your partner or significant other, they will feel isolated, distant, or pushed away. Even if you have a hard time communicating, force yourself to do it no matter how much you dislike it. It will go a long way towards keeping your relationship alive for years to come!

Rule #6: Introduce your partner to the important people in your life. They are the most important person in your life right now, but that wasn’t always the case. Perhaps you have a “bestie” who consumed all of your time before they came along, or you feel that your parents and/or siblings are an integral part of your life. It’s vital to introduce your new partner to the people that matter to you, so they feel that they are as important to you as the rest. Don’t rush into it, but don’t hesitate when the question is raised.

Part 3 has a few more rules to help you have a good relationship!

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