Most Romantic Restaurants for a Perfect Date Night Part 1

Most Romantic Restaurants for a Perfect Date Night Part 1

Looking for that perfect place to take her on date night? Here are some of the most romantic restaurants in the country:

The Marine Room — Located in San Diego, this seafood restaurant offers food like you’ll find nowhere else. You’ll especially love the beautiful ocean views at sunset, but it’s the “high tide breakfast” (7 to 10 AM during the week) that attracts the majority of diners. Definitely a great way to spend a date night (or morning) together!

Pier W — This Lakewood, Ohio eatery is the perfect place to take that special someone for an extra special occasion. If you can book a table around sunset, you’ll have gorgeous views of the sun setting over the lakes, the downtown city skyline, and the cliffs surrounding the lakes. The food is absolutely amazing, but it’s the old-timey luxury liner feel that makes this a one-of-a-kind experience.

Sotto 13 — This NYC restaurant is known for its gourmet food–particularly the pizza and the cocktails designed specifically by top-class mixologists. You’ll love the smell of the wood-fired oven in which your pizzas are cooked, and the elegant ambience is like no other pizza place you’ve visited. Pay special attention the skylight and the weeping willow hanging overhead–definitely lending to the air of romance!

White Barn Inn — You’d think that Maine would be too cold for romance, but this Kennebunk restaurant proves that notion wrong. Built in 200 year old barn, the restaurant is a perfect blend between the antique and elegant. You’ll love the views of the evergreen trees towering outside the restaurant, visible through the picture windows. If you’re a fan of local game, you’ll love the fare!

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