Romantic Movies for an Epic Date Night Part 1

Romantic Movies for an Epic Date Night Part 1

Planning an epic date night with that special someone? Here are a few rom-coms you’ll want to download/stream:

Valentine’s Day — While this movie may not have lived up to its predecessor (Love Actually), it hits all the right romantic buttons. Set in Los Angeles, this movie delves into the love lives of couples and singles from all walks of life. Definitely a movie worth watching when the holiday rolls around.

Princess Bride — It doesn’t get better than this old-school romance movie. The perfect blend of humor and romance, this movie–starring Carey Elwes and Robin Wright–was one of the first “fantasy” movies to be created. It has everything from terrifying monsters to swashbuckling heroes to sword fights to uber-romantic scenes. It’s a movie you CANNOT help but love.

Serendipity — If you’re the kind of person who loves romance, this is the movie for you. John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale play a couple reuniting years after their first meeting, falling in love all over again no matter how much time has passed. A bit sappy, but just the right amount of romantic!

Love Actually —This may have been meant as more of a Christmas movie, but you can’t help but watch it every year as the holidays roll around. This is perfect for your Christmas date night, and it’s one of the most romantic, sweetest movies you could ever watch.

The Bounty Hunter — If you’re less of a “rom com” guy and more of an action lover, this is the movie for you. Not only is it filled with well-directed action scenes (courtesy of uber-man Gerard Butler), but there’s just enough Jennifer Anniston-driven romance to make this qualify as a romantic comedy.

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