Romantic Ideas to Try Together Part 2

Romantic Ideas to Try Together Part 2

If you’re looking for fun, romantic ideas to keep the spark of your romance burning bright, here are a few things to consider:

  • Take a picture together — It can be a funny picture, a silly picture, a serious picture, or a sexy picture; the actual picture doesn’t matter. What matters is that you frame the picture and hang it somewhere in your bedroom as a reminder of your love.
  • Send flowers –– This is one romantic idea you’ll find everywhere, but that’s because it works! Flowers are amazingly romantic, and they’re a gesture that everyone loves. It doesn’t even have to be a special occasion!
  • Breakfast in bed –– Does it get any better than this? You can make your own breakfast and slip back in bed with your partner. Why not try bringing your “kitchen” to your bedroom? Grab the Panini press for some breakfast sandwiches, and bring up the coffee machine to have fresh-brewed coffee in bed.
  • Watch a romantic movie –– Romantic comedy or hardcore romance, it doesn’t matter! All that matters is that you watch something that makes you say “Aww, so sweet”, and you do it together. You can sit in the back of the theater for a heavy make-out session, or just sit and watch the movie as a couple.
  • Get away –– The pressures of home life can drive you apart, so it’s important that you take time to get away from it all. Head out of town to a cozy BnB, and don’t leave the room all weekend long. Take a weekend hiking trip out into the middle of the forest, or bring your camping gear to set up by the lake. You can even rent a hotel or attend a day spa. Just get away from your daily life!
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