Romantic Ideas to Try Together Part 1

Romantic Ideas to Try Together Part 1

Don’t let your love die! Try these romantic ideas together to keep the spark of your romance alive:

  • Exchange funny greeting cards — Make it a habit to buy any greeting card that makes you laugh out loud. You’ll find yourself checking out the greeting card stand at every supermarket and store you go to, just so you can be the one to find the new funny card. Of course, inscribe a note to your partner, and send it through the mail. You can keep a collection of all the funniest cards sent over the years, as well as a record of where you found it and the date you bought/sent it.
  • Make a “wish list” –– Any time your partner says he or she “wishes” they had something, make a note of it. Have them do the same for you. When you don’t know what to get them for the anniversary or Valentine’s Day, it’s easy to consult the list and find a “wishful thinking” gift. Heck, you can get the gift “just because”!
  • Mail them a love letter –– There’s something absolutely wonderful about receiving paper mail that isn’t junk mail or bills! Thanks to email, we rarely receive regular mail these days, but you can change all that. Send a love letter to your partner or spouse on a regular basis. They will start to look forward to receiving that letter, and it can be your tradition.
  • Go run in the rain –– More than the “romance” factor, this is just a fun activity to engage in together. Most people tend to stay inside on the couch when it’s raining, but it’s a lot more fun to play around in the rain, splash through puddles, and have a good time when everyone else is indoors!

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