How to Be a Romantic Cheapskate Part 1

How to Be a Romantic Cheapskate Part 1

Dating doesn’t have to be expensive if you’re smart!

Here’s how you can be romantic without spending a fortune:

  • Try wine and stargazing — Few things are more romantic than spending a night under the stars, and it’s a great date idea to keep things cheap. All you need to do is spring for a nice bottle of wine (and perhaps some simple food), and you’ve got a supremely romantic date night.
  • Make it yourself — Instead of taking her out to a fancy dinner, why not prepare her a dinner at home? You can wow her with your cooking skills, save money, and make a dinner that you know you’ll both love.
  • Write her something — Compose a poem or a short story for her. It may not seem romantic, but just knowing that you put effort into it will often be enough to make her feel loved.
  • Read a book together — Spend time in bed reading a book together. Get out one of Dave Barry’s relationship books, a book of poetry, or a book of your favorite genre. Just read to each other and enjoy the simple time in bed.
  • Give her a Mix CD — Spend time putting together a Mix CD will all of the songs you both love, including your special wedding/date song, the songs that make you get up and dance together, etc.
  • Pick some flowers — Wildflowers may not be done up in a fancy bouquet, but the fact that you stopped to pick her a flower on your way home will mean a lot to her. It’s a simple gift that comes from the heart.
  • Spend a day snuggled up — Snuggle up together on the couch on a rainy day, with a nice blanket to keep you warm. You can read books, watch TV, or do your own thing, but be together.

Read Part 2 for more cheap ways to make her feel loved…

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