How to Rock a Date Night at Home Part 5

How to Rock a Date Night at Home Part 5

Want to enjoy your date night at home to the max? Here are some fun things you can do:

  • Browse Old Photo Albums — Photo albums are repositories for a lot of happy memories, so why not break out those old photo albums and take a walk down memory lane? You may find that it’s a fun way to relive some of your happiest moments together, and will remind you of the happy times you shared.
  • Roast Marshmallows — There are few things more enjoyable than roasting marshmallows over the open fire. Stare a fire in your fireplace or even in your backyard (safely, of course!), and sit around roasting marshmallows. You can even get some Graham crackers and chocolate for some epic S’mores.
  • Cook Together –– Before you enjoy your date night, why not cook your meal together? You can share the responsibilities, drink a bit of wine as you putter around the kitchen, and enjoy a bit of extra time together.
  • Play Video Games –– If you can find a game you’re both content playing, spend an hour or two playing with or against each other. You’ll find that there are LOTS of games that you can play, and you can even add some spice to it to make it a bit more fun.
  • Watch A Special Movie –– Why not watch the very first movie you ever saw together? Either that, or play one of the movies you watched on your honeymoon? Watch “Valentine’s Day”, “Love Actually”, or “New Year’s Eve”(if it’s the right time of year), or turn on an uber-romantic movie like “Moulin Rouge” or “Princess Bride”.
  • Play Couch HORSE ––  Set up a trash can in the middle of your living room, ball up papers, and play HORSE while seated.

Have a great date night at home!

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