How to Rock a Date Night at Home Part 3

How to Rock a Date Night at Home Part 3

Check out these awesome ways to rock your date night at home:

  • Climb onto the Roof — It may sound a bit dangerous, but what’s life without a bit of danger? Get a ladder and climb onto the roof. Spread out blankets, pop open that bottle of wine, and enjoy laying back and looking up at the stars. Best of all, no one will be able to see what you’re doing!
  • Have a Beer Tasting — If you’re more beer people than wine people, try buying beers from around the world. Get your hands on a few dozen import beers, and have yourself a beer tasting. You may be surprised to learn just how different beer is around the world.
  • Make an Ice Cream Sundae -­- Get out a bit bowl from the cabinets and start filling it with all of your favorite ice cream sundae things–bananas, nuts, chocolate chips, sprinkles, and the list goes on. Make a massive sundae and enjoy devouring the thing together!
  • Play a Card Game — A bit of strip poker can be a surprising amount of fun, especially if you have a bit of wine or some drinks as you play. Just make sure the kids are down for the night and your bedroom door is locked!
  • Take a Goofy Quiz — The internet is filled with all sorts of quizzes and tests you can take together, so why not spend an evening laughing at the ridiculousness of some of the quizzes floating around. There are sites where you can find some pretty outrageous things!
  • Massage Night — Nothing will get him/her in the mood faster than a good massage, so why not spend an hour or so rubbing up on each other?

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