How to Rock a Date Night at Home Part 1

How to Rock a Date Night at Home Part 1

Who says date night needs to be a lavish, fancy affair? Why not enjoy a simple date night at home, just the two of your!

Here are some ways to have an awesome date night at home:

  • Italian Night — If you’re a pizza-lover, why not get some fancy Italian gelato, pop the cork on a bottle of chianti wine, order up your favorite pizza, and enjoy a screening of “Life is Beautiful” or “The Godfather”. Definitely a way to get a taste of the old-country!
  • Swiss Night –– Who doesn’t love delicious fondue served by candlelight? Finish off the meal with your favorite Swiss chocolates (Toblerone is definitely one of the best choices), and find a Swiss movie–or a movie like “Last Man on the Mountain” set in Switzerland.
  • Karaoke Party –– It’s time to plug in the karaoke machine and start belting out those tunes at the top of your lungs. If you don’t have a karaoke machine, you can always plug in a computer or tablet to your TV and search YouTube for the karaoke songs. Simple input “the title of your song + karaoke”, and you’ll find exactly what you need!
  • Drive-In Movie — You may not find too many drive-in movies these days, but you can make your own in your garage. Close the garage door behind you, turn off the car, and place your computer or tablet on the driver’s armrest while you and your special someone sit in the back.
  • Bubble Bath –– Few things are more relaxing than a bubble bath, so why not take a bath together? Serve a bit of chilled wine and fruit, and you’ll find that an evening of splashing around in the tub is a great way to pass the time.

Read Part 2 for more awesome ideas for your date night at home…


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