Random Thoughts on Love                                                 

Random Thoughts on Love                                                 

Love is a truly wonderful, marvelous thing! It can make even a terrible world a better place. Here are a few random thoughts on love:

  • You must do your part to get love. “Working for it” is not as necessary as “doing something about it.” Some people are luckier than others. They lift a finger and love comes pouring down from the sky like heavy rain. Other people can grow a farm full of red roses and love couldn’t give a shit.
  • Many people are able to live better when they’re in love. They eat healthily, exercise regularly, take up new creative hobbies and become better people. Despite this however, love still resembles sickness more than health. Thus, it’s easy to see the parallels between love and the flu.
  • Love always defies our expectations in that it is never how we imagine it to be.
  • Love is ultimately indefinable because it is a personal subjective experience. There is no sacred table by which we can measure if we’re already in love or not. We claim we are in love. In a way, we decide when we are in love.
  • Love is not so much about the memories as it is about the fleeting sensation that just disappeared. Love does not live in the past. It is always riding in the waves of the present. It’s the grain of sand that just slipped between your fingers. Some people may say “At least we have memories” but that is bullshit at best. You can’t remember love when it’s gone.
  • The primary question when love begins between two people is how to avoid its end.
  • One of the most amazing things about love is that even if you hate it so much, you can’t easily get rid of it.
  • Sex strengthens love but makes it more potentially dangerous. In a way, investing in pleasure has the risk of reaping pain.
  • Love is never only between two people. Each party always brings a host of other people, memories, expectations, trauma, and other things that can destroy their love. It is stupid but people can’t prevent it nonetheless.
  • Love doesn’t pop out of nowhere. The unconscious mind has the blueprint for love. Our past experiences, beliefs, ideals, even trauma, hold the key to who we can and will love.

(Quotes courtesy of MoonWalkerWiz)

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