What You Need to Know About Kissing

What You Need to Know About Kissing

Here is the complete guide to kissing:

  • Did you know that your lips have 100x more nerve endings than your fingertips? They’re highly sensitive, which is why it feels so wonderful to kiss!
  • Kiss before, during, and after — Kissing isn’t just done as a warm-up leading up to sex, but you should continue kissing during sex as well. Even after you’re both done, continue kissing to keep that romantic feeling alive.
  • Go for the ears — Girls aren’t the only ones who like their ears to be kissed! If you want to turn your man on, consider spending a minute or two kissing his highly sensitive ears.
  • Make it a long one — A long, steamy kiss is effective at getting both men and women in the mood. Instead of doing short, quick kisses, drag it on for the better effect!
  • Understand the open mouth — When a guy opens his mouth, he does so because he wants to feel you respond to the amorous mood. Closed-mouth kisses don’t contribute to a romantic mood, so open your mouth to return the kisses.
  • Watch out for the quick pecks — Guys who give women quick pecks tend to be emotionally guarded, and it can cause worries for the woman. Give her long kisses to reassure her that you love her.
  • Go for passionate — Want to speed things up? Turn your kisses into passionate smooches, and your heart will beat faster, your blood flow will speed up, and you’ll get in the mood more easily.
  • Pull her in close — Avoid the “A-frame” kiss where your hips are separated, but pull your partner in close when you kiss her. It will increase the intimacy drastically, increasing the desire at the same time.

Follow these tips, and you’ll be a much better kisser!


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