The Muscles She’ll Love

The Muscles She’ll Love

Men, want to know what muscles to build? Here are the muscles women love on their guys:

  • Six-pack — Nothing makes a woman go weak in the knees faster than a solid six-pack. Perhaps it indicates that you will be in good shape for years to come, but no matter what the reason, women love it!
  • Forearms — Thick forearms means one thing: strong hands. It gives women the impression that you’re a tough man that can do amazing things with those hands, and they’re sure to be entranced.
  • Butt –– Men aren’t the only ones who like butts, but women love a man with a nice butt. It’s an indication that you are in good shape, so pay attention to those glutes!
  • Shoulders –– You’re not just a shoulder to cry on, but those shoulder muscles are going to be what they see when you’re making love. They want a nice view, so pay attention to those shoulders.
  • Back –– A solid, broad back is the definition of manly, as it gives you the V-shape (wide back, slim waist) that women are genetically programmed to be enticed by.
  • Calves –– You’d think that the quads are more important, but more women pay attention to your calves than your thighs. It shows that your fitness is proportionate, that you’re not just raw strength but that you can also run hard.
  • Chest –– Considering that she will spend a lot of her time with her head on your chest, it’s no wonder that these muscles are important. Many women find it supremely sex to play with a man’s chest muscles.
  • Hamstrings —While these may not be visible muscles, they’ll come in handy when she’s riding cowgirl and you want to lift her off the bed. Trust me, they’re vital!
  • Biceps –-There’s something about a nice pair of guns that women love. They’re rarely admit it, but it’s a muscle they love to look at.

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