Marriage Advice for Men Part 3

Marriage Advice for Men Part 3

Here’s some epic marriage advice for men that can help you improve your relationship with your spouse in every way:

  • Make time for fun — If you can set aside a few minutes for fun every day, do so! If you can’t fit it in every day, at least have fun together every weekend. Do something you BOTH enjoy, such as watching TV, reading a funny book, or taking a walk. The more fun you have together, the more you will enjoy the life you share.
  • Take care of yourself –– No marriage is going to succeed if one partner is neglected. You can’t expect everything from your spouse, so make sure to take care of yourself–your health, your stress, and your happiness. Your being happy and content will improve the state of your marriage!
  • Appreciate and show affection –– If you want your marriage to be happy, you’re going to need to start showing affection and appreciation for your spouse. Phrases like “I love you”, “I appreciate that you…”, and “I’m here for you” go a long way towards keeping him/her happy!
  • Spend time together and apart –– You need to spend time together, but you also need time alone to do your own thing. You can enjoy your time with your spouse, but when it comes time to be alone, be alone! It will make the time you spend together all the more enjoyable.
  • Never let bad sex be “okay” — If you are having problems in the bedroom, it is not something you can allow to happen for a long time. Figure out what’s causing the problem (it probably has very little to do with sex), and try to deal with it so that your sex life is once again AWESOME!
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