How to Know the Relationship is Over Part 2

How to Know the Relationship is Over Part 2

It’s tough to know when it’s time to call it quits on your relationship. You may want to keep working at it or try to fix things, but how can you be certain it really is done?

Here is how to know the relationship is over:

The little things drive you wild — Everyone has their habits or foibles that annoy their partners. Whether it’s the way he chews his food or she nibbles on pen caps, it’s normal to find a few of your partner’s habits irritating. But what if ALL you can see is those irritating habits? What if you begin to despise them for the things they do? That is a sign that things are heading down the path to Splitsville.

The arguments are more frequent and inane — Are you and your partner arguing over the most ridiculous things, but the arguments happen all the time? This is usually a common problem among people who don’t know how to deal with the things that are REALLY bothering them! If your arguments are on the most inane things but they happen on a regular basis, it could be a sign that the deep-seated problems in your relationship are just too hard for you to deal with.

You’ve let yourself go — It’s human nature to settle into a comfortable routine around one’s partner or mate, but it’s important that you avoid that. You can’t let yourself go, or it shows (both to you and to your partner) that you just don’t care enough about them to take care of yourself. If you’ve let yourself go and have no desire to improve, it may be best for YOU to opt out of the relationship–for your own sake as much as theirs.

Read Part 3 for more tips to help you know for sure…

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