Kick Your Romance Up a Notch!

Kick Your Romance Up a Notch!

Want to spice things up in your romantic life? Here are some ways to kick your romance up a notch:

  • No pecks allowed — A quick peck on the cheeks or lips should NEVER be allowed. Turn every kiss into a 3 to 5-second smooch to keep that love alive.
  • Turn it all off –– Turn off every light in the house, and do what comes naturally in the pitch black. Even if you just snuggle or hold hands while talking, it can add a touch of intrigue to your time together.
  • Send him a treat –– Take a naughty picture of yourself and send it to him in the middle of the day, at a time when you know he’ll be alone. Make sure to warn him of the picture’s contents just in case someone else is around!
  • Play a dating game –– When planning your next date night, come up with three crazy ideas to try. Then, when the night rolls around, have him/her pick one of the three ideas at random. Do that crazy activity, no matter what!
  • Make out when alone –– If you’ve got 5 or 10 seconds alone in an elevator, a waiting room, or in a car, spend it making out. A bit of passion when out and about can lead to a lot of passion back home.
  • Mail him something –– Take a naughty picture of yourself and have it made into a puzzle. Send him one puzzle piece per day via snail mail.
  • Give him a piece of your scent –– Take a piece of your clothing and spray it lightly with your favorite sexy perfume. Slip it into his bag before he leaves for the office, and he’ll be smelling you all day long!

Yes, it’s very important to keep your romance alive, and thanks to these tips, it will be easier than ever!


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