Keys to a Successful Relationship Part 1

Keys to a Successful Relationship Part 1

Having a successful relationship is harder than you’d expect! A lot goes into keeping any relationship alive, so get ready to do the work.

Here are a few keys to a successful relationship:

  • Affection — Affection may be purely physical, but we all need that physical expression of love. Without affection, your partner has no real  way to know that they are loved, appreciated, and desired. Affection puts feet to your words, doing something concrete to prove that you really do care about them.
  • Words –– How often do you tell your partner that you love them? It may feel like empty words to you, but to them, hearing “I love you” means everything in the world! You might think that it’s silly to say you love them all the time. So what? It’s a very important part of keeping the relationship alive! They need to be constantly reminded of your love for them, as there are so many things in life that can get in the way of your love. The busier you are and the less time you have to spend together, the more important those words become!
  • Appreciation –– Your partner or spouse will NEVER get tired of hearing the things that you are thankful for or appreciate about them. Whether they cook delicious meals, take good care of the house, play with the kids, or bring home the bacon, they need to feel like their efforts are appreciated. You should go out of your way to tell them how much you appreciate everything they do. Trust me, it will go a long, long way toward keeping that relationship alive!

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